Wood Innovations Ltd.

our mission

Wood is the most ecological, sustainable and versatile product on this planet.


Wood Innovations Ltd. seeks to improve technologies to add value to this unique resource. The ultimate goal is to improve the value chain yield from the tree to the final consumer product.


Wood Innovation Ltd. activities include:

Monitoring research activities in the field of wood and wood technology,

Funding of R&D projects in the field of wood innovation,

Protecting Intellectual Property for inventors and investors in wood products and processes,

Buying, selling and licensing patents relevant to the wood industry,

Providing a platform for information exchange, know-how transfer and multiplication of ideas, and

Creating new and innovative ideas based on the unique cross-view approach among different sources, applications and transformation technologies of wood.


We strive to contribute to sustainable living on the planet.


More news to comeā€¦


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Wood Innovations Ltd

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